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Sun and Showers at Scopwick

Spring sunshine, showers and super volunteers for our Scopwick Project


This spring saw a team of local residents, Environment Agency staff and our super Lincolnshire Rivers Trust (LRT) Work Party volunteers come out on three separate days to help us to enhance the beck at the end of Brookside in Scopwick.

Whilst enjoying both sunshine and showers a total of 200 chestnut stakes had to be driven into the sometimes very compacted stream bed in order for us to install over 80m of brushwood berms (low level shelves) into both sides of the water course, complementing work carried out previously to re-meander the beck.   

Pre-planted coir matting was added to speed up the vegetation process and a further 80 aquatic plants were embedded, including beautiful yellow flag iris and purple loosestrife.

Yet again, Gail, our Project Officer was impressed by the incredible turnout – it is certainly heart-warming to see so many people willing to give up their free time and work so hard to help us achieve our aims to protect, enhance and restore Lincolnshire’s water courses.

The beck is already home to some amazing species, including water voles which are sadly, declining in numbers and under threat due to predation and habitat loss.  It was crucial that we got in the experts to carry out a survey before work commenced to ensure that we didn’t disturb them. 

The berms will provide ideal habitat for water voles and other stream dwellers to find refuge in and, once vegetated up, for them to feed on. Over time the berms will not only speed up the flow, creating natural pools and riffles ideal for spawning fish but they will also trap sediment, reducing build up in the channel and it won’t be too long before they will look like a natural part of the bank.  

Before                                                                                                                                  After


A big THANK YOU must go out to the Parish Council for their support, Paul Scholey, the landowner for not only allowing us to carry out the works but for helping us to store and move the materials around the site, the local residents for their patience whilst the works were taking place, the Environment Agency for their expert advice and voluntary manpower and, it goes without saying, the AMAZING volunteer team – without whom none of our work would be possible.

If you would like to learn more about the work we do in and alongside Lincolnshire’s water courses please see our website Lincsrivers.org.uk

For more information about volunteering or about getting your school or group closer to nature please contact our Project Officer gail.talton@lincsrivers.org.uk

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