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Limestone Becks Project

The Lincolnshire Limeston Becks are home to some really important wildlife and are a great asset for local people which support a rich aquatic fauna and flora rarely found in eastern England. Historic changes to the becks and stresses from water use and pollution have meant that some of the wildlife that lives in and around them is not as abundant as it once was. In the past the becks would have taken a very different meandering path.  Wet meadows surrounding the becks would have provided a great habitat for animals and plants and helped store water in times of high flow. They have unique features including the Tufa waterfall shown in the top image which only forms in calcuim rich conditions.

The Lincolnshire Rivers Trust, Wild Trout Trust and the Environment Agency worked together to develop a project shaped by Lincolnshire’s geographically isolated and unique limestone becks, We carried out walkover surveys along the Limestone Becks.

Lincolnshire Rivers Trust undertook a pilot project on Dunston Beck, installing berms (low shelves made with bushwood and stakes that trap silt and grow vegetation) this section of the beck is now abundant with wildlife and the beck is now moving in a more natural way. 

The Wild Trout Trust completed a project in March alongside the playfields on Welton Beck along with the an intervention by the Environment Agency to allow fish to move from futher downstream this has created an amazing habitat for brown trout and other wildlife. 

We are currently working towards habitat restoration to on a number of the becks including:

Nettleham Beck

Branston (Sandhill Beck)

Dunston Beck

If you would like to be involved in practical conservation or monitoring of these projects please contact Gail.Talton@lincsrivers.org.uk 




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