Improving the river habitat by creating berms with brushwood

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Dunston Beck

Dunston beck is a small pilot project that the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust (LRT) has recently completed on a short section of the Dunston Beck downstream of Dunston village. Dunston Beck has been historically straightened, deepened and widened for the purposes of land drainage and flood protection, these activities have removed many of the natural features. The work involved improving the river habitat by creating berms with brushwood, creating pools by installing log deflectors and managing trees.

In 2014, the Wild Trout Trust (WTT) carried out an advisory visit for Dunston Parish Council and a report was produced identifying a number of opportunities for Dunston Beck. Since the report was produced the LRT & the WTT have collaborated with local land owners, Dunston Parish Council and the Environment Agency (EA) to work  together and deliver remedial habitat improvement works with the help of local volunteers.

Dunston Beck

Ecological surveys completed before and after the restoration works have shown that that  invertebrate diversity has increased since the improvement works and the trout population has doubled on the improved section of the beck. Engagement and involvement of the landowner has ensured that the improvements will be protected during any future maintenance works.

Since the initial habitat improvement works were carried out in 2014, local people have begun their own monitoring of the becks and a small fishing club has been established. The LRT has worked with Dunston primary school, providing equipment to enable pupils to sample and investigate the invertebrate  life within Dunston Beck. The LRT, WTT and the EA attended the medieval festival, which was a fun engagement event to be a part of in Dunston Village.

The success of this project has inspired the LRT to develop this project further and bid for funding to improve other sections of  Dunston Beck and other limestone becks found in Lincolnshire. For more information for the Lincolnshire Limestone Becks project please click on the project link.

Further habitat improvement works are being carried out on Dunston Beck in 2016 & 2017 with the help of the Tesco’s Bags of Help Funding. Please see our events page, Facebook and Twitter for event dates and get involved, we’d love to see you there.



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