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5 Things to help our Rivers

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution or two? Why not help our rivers by making five simple changes in 2018?


  1. Don’t drop litter and maybe take someone else’s home with you…


Rubbish, can harm wildlife, both in our rivers and out at sea. It can also cause blockages increasing the impact of flooding.


Always take your litter home with you when visiting the river and if you can please pick up a piece that someone has left behind.


  1. Don’t pour chemicals, cooking oil and paint down the drain.


These gradually build up, bringing about sewer blockages, which can lead to unnecessary discharge and pollution in our streams and rivers.


  1. Use eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products


Phosphate is an ingredient in most household cleaning products. It causes a big problem in Lincolnshire rivers, acting as a fertiliser for weed growth, causing issues for wildlife and river users.


Tip – boil your dishcloths in bicarbonate of soda for an eco-friendly version to bleaching.


  1. Remember the 3 P’s – Pee, poo and paper (toilet) only down the loo.


Please put everything else in the bin, even wipes that claim to flush.  Items that shouldn’t be flushed can stick together and end up in our rivers.


  1. Support the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust!


Volunteer, follow us on Facebook and twitter or simply give us a donation (link at the bottom of the page).






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