The Witham Partnership identifies issues the Witham catchment faces

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Witham Catchment Partnership

What is the Witham Catchment Partnership?

The Witham Partnership was formed by interested parties to identify the issues the Witham catchment faces and how best to tackle them together. In 2013 Defra set out the principles of the Catchment Based Approach and provided funding to administer the formation of catchment based partnerships across the country. The Lincolnshire Rivers Trust hosts the partnership in the Witham Catchment. Other partners include the Environment Agency, Canal and River Trust, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, National Farmers Union, Internal Drainage Board, Anglian Water Services, Slea Navigation Trust, the National Trust and local Angling Clubs.

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The partnership covers the area set out in the plan below. This aligns with the Witham Management catchment as set out in the Anglian River Basin Management Plan. As well as the areas that drain into the Witham, the hydrometric catchment, it includes additional areas of the Wolds that drain to the East and coastal catchments. It is not however the intention of the partnership to consider areas of the Wolds where the Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project has an interest. A copy of the Witham Catchment Plan can be found below.  

Witham Catchment Plan 2018

Witham Catchment Partnership


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